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Multi-Disciplinary Arts Centre Cooltour


Výstaviště Černá louka, Pavilon C1 702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
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Cooltour is a place for new ideas, practical education, artistic development, music, dance, theatre, film, new forms, cooperation, new experience, self-realization, workshops, experiments, artistic residencies, exhibitions, communal and ecological projects, discussions and everything that was once not possible

The multi-disciplinary centre Cooltour was founded in October 2011 as the first experimental space for contemporary arts in Ostrava. The main objectives of Cooltour are to support fresh artists and young creative people, carry out or help others to carry out socially benefitial projects, support the development of young talented people and enrich the local cultural environment. The independent cultural center is a combination of an art lab, a cultural institution and a communal space. It provides facilities and support for people who share a creative spirit and desire to contribute with their actions to enhance the quality of the public space in the city.

What are we striving for?

We endeavour to contribute to the flourishing cultural and artistic scene of the city and region, to offer new opportunities for personal and artistic growth to young people and to encourage their creativity, active approach and passion for the city.

How do we want to do it?

We run an independent international cultural centre which supports fine regional, domestic and foreign artistic production, fresh artists and new art forms.

We create new opportunities for education,

self-realization and cultural projects for young people, in which we put emphasis on their active participation and gaining practical experience.

We provide space and facilities for meetings and creative activities of various local communities and clubs, which serves as a platform for development of the local creative potential.